Here are some frequently asked questions about the Membership programs. If you have any additional questions, please contact us.


  • As a regular rider why should I buy a membership?

    Memberships were created with our riders in mind, this membership enables you to book a trip 28 days in advance. Non-members continue to be able to book 21 days in advance.  

  • If I buy a Sapphire Membership, may I book either Ambassador or Jitney trips 28 days in advance?

    Yes, Sapphire Members can book Ambassador and Jitney trips 28 days in advance.

  • If I buy an Emerald Membership, may I book an Ambassador trip 28 days in advance?

    No, Emerald Members can only book Jitney (non-Ambassador) trips 28 days in advance.

  • How long does the membership last?

    Memberships expire May 31st of each year.

  • Why are you only allowing 1000 Sapphire and 2000 Emerald Memberships?

    By limiting the Memberships we hope to ensure the value of the 28 day booking window for our members.

  • How does Free Parking work?

    Both the Sapphire and the Emerald Memberships include Free Overnight Parking when available.   If the parking lots are full unfortunately parking will not be available.   If you are parking for multiple nights in a row up to 3 consecutive nights are free.   Normal parking rates apply after 3 consecutive days.   You must check in at the front desk at either Southampton or Calverton and present your Membership card for your free nights of parking and parking permit.

  • One of the membership benefits is free Parking? Is a parking space guaranteed?

    No, parking is on a first come basis.

  • Are memberships for family or individual?

    Memberships are for individuals so a reservation must be made using the members account and email address.   Members may make reservations for family members using their account with the same booking procedure being applied.   Prepayment is required for more than one reservation traveling in the same direction on the same day.